Curriculum Vitae

Gabor Dombi’s Biography

Gabor Dombi

1965. Budapest, Hungary


Mobile: +36 20 9 544 176

Short profile

Jewish Cultural Historian, journalist, cultural project manager, sociologist, exhibition curator, researcher and adult educator. Founder of an e-book publishing house, more e-journals and databases. Founder, initiator and researcher of Jewish tenement museum in 7th district of Budapest. Ideologist of information society and modern media in Hungary. Founder of website of the biggest Hungarian daily (Népszabadság). Founder of the e-Inclusion and Intergenerational Movements in Hungary. Evangelist of digital equality and inclusion. Researcher of Jewish Ghetto in Budapest 1944-45, and Jewish life in Pesth and later Budapest (1750-1956).


2017-               PhD Student / Doctoral School – Jewish University and Rabbinical Seminary of Budapest

2019 – Hebrew University , Rothberg International School, Scopus Ulpan
2014 – 2016  Jewish University and Rabbinical Seminary of Budapest (Jewish culture and history), MSc
1991 – 1994   University of ELTE, sociology, –
1985 – 1989  University of ELTE, adult education, Hungarian language teacher, BSc


Recent activities

15 July 2021 Gábor Dombi edits and published a two-volume historical work entitled Selected Historical Writings of Rabbi Zsigmond Groszmann

May of 2020 – Published a book by Gabor Dombi, title: „Class Enemies. Deportation the Jews from Budapest in 1951” Download PDF here

January of 2020 – Remembrance of the Ghetto in Budapest (Editor in Chief for Special Edition of the Magazine  of the 7th District of Budapest (Jewish Quarter) „Erzsébetváros”

2018 – … Exhibition in Dohány Synagogue Budapest Ghetto 1944/45 / The Haunting History: Hungarian Jewish History 1918-1948

2018 –  … The Chronology of the Ghetto in Budapest 1944/45 (in progress)

2016 – Research project: History of the Orczy House  and the History of Jews in Budapest (Orczy House: the center of the Jewish Community in Budapest) (in progress)

2007 – … President, Foundation for Hungarian Jewish Youth

2000 – … Legislation Council to Council of Hungarian Internet Providers, Secretary of Board

Secretary General 1997 – … Inforum (Forum of Hungarian IT Organizations for Information Society)

* * *

Special projects: Holocaust Memorial Year in Hungary, 2014

Exhibition: The Memorial of The Ghetto in Pest, November 1944 – January 1945”. Curator and Initiator of Exhibition


  • Memorial evening of honor of Jenő Rejtő (very popular writer)
  • Roma Holocaust Memorial
  • Speeches in Holocaust Memorial Events in countryside (Pápa, Pécs) and Sahy, Slovakia

Other activities in Holocaust Memorial Year

  • Founding of Jewish Tenement Museum in VIIth District of Budapest (5, str Csanyi)
  • Book Publishing (as Editor in Chief): Jenő Lévai: History of the Ghetto in Pest
  • Founding of Zsidó Erzsébetváros Klub (History Club for Jewry in 7th District in Budapest)
  • Researcher for Yellow Star Houses movement (Open Society Archive)
  • Prepare the Agreement 7th District of Budapest Local Government and Mazsihisz (Association of Hungarian Jewish Communities)
  • Founder and editor: Webpage and full text database of Holocaust Memorial Year 2014 in Hungary and Review on Jewish Society in Hungary

* * *

Previous activities

Jewish historical research

2017 – 2018 Editor in Chief: Magyar Orthodox / Hungarian Orthodox Jewry (Magazine)

2018 – Lecture in Budapest 100 festival: History of the Klauzál square and the Jewish Ghetto 1944/45

2018 – Exhibition in Sahy, Slovakia:  ‘They were the future” Kibbutzim between 1937-1952 established by Hungarian Jews

2017 – 2018 Deportation of Jewish „Capitalists” from Budapest 1951-1953, research program

2017 – History of the Rabbinical Seminary in Budapest, documentary film

27. February 2017 – The Orczy House  – A presentation as a evening show in Spinoza Theater Budapest

2016-2017 – Research and exhibition: ‘They were the future” Kibbutzim between 1937-1952 established by Hungarian Jews

2015-2016 – Jewish Schools in Budapest (research program)

2015 – Research and exhibition: History of Jewish Orthodoxy in Budapest 1870-1950

2015 – Interviews with Hungarian Holocaust survivors in Israel

2014 – Initiator, founder and project manager: Jewish Tenement Museum in 7th. District of Budapest (2013-2014)

A start-up company
2011 – 2015 Publio Publishing House (First Hungarian Service Company for Self-Publishing Authors)

Radio Show Editor
2006 – 2009 Infopoly: Man in the Net, Social Questions of Information Society
Volunteer for Civil Radio, Hungary

Guest Professor
2006 – 2007 ‘Digital Literacy’ in Faculty of Sociology, University of Miskolc

Editor in Chief
2007 – 2012 ‘Társaság’ quarterly published by Vodafone Hungary
2006 – 2008 ‘Ma:HolnaP’ quarterly published by Hewlett-Packard Hungary

Senior Constultant for Minister in Digital Content Affairs
2002 – 2003 Ministry of Cultural Heritage

Member of the Jury 2001 – 2012 e-Festival in Hungary

Guest Professor
1999 – 2001 University of ELTE, Faculty of Arts
Lecture of Information Society and Culture

Member of Council
1999 – 2000 Member of Council for Digital Culture (National Culture Found)

TV-show editor
1996 – 1998 Top Trend / Future Watch (TV3)

Initiator, Founder and Project Director
1996 – 1997 Népszabadság Online (printed daily paper’ digital version on internet)

1992 – 1997 Népszabadság (The biggest daily in Hungary)

1991 – 1992 University of ELTE

Section Editor
1990 – 1991 Nők Világa (monthly magazine for women)

1989 – 1990 TÉKA Publishing House

Temporary Teacher
1984 – 1985 Centenáriumi Ltp. Általános Iskola, Budapest


1500 – 2000 articles (papers below)
European Parliament, Népszabadság, Magyar Hírlap, Pesti Hírlap, HVG, Figyelő, Igazság, Nők Világa, Cégvezetés, Gazdasági Értesítő, Könyvvilág, ABCD multimédia magazine, Magyar Orthodox, Egység, Pasti Sólet.


Hungarian eInclusion Report, 2008

First Hungarian eInclusion Report and Action Plan (2007)

Towards the Information Society (2001)

Hungarian Charter of Informatics (Magyar Informatikai Charta 2000)

The Key to Central and Eastern Europe (1998)

Culture-transmission and Hungarian Jews (1990)

TV Shows (TV3)

Top Trend 1996-1997
Future Watch 1998


A Rabbiképző 140 éve (2017, director)

Gyerekjáték a számítógép,
Gyerekjáték az Internet,
Gyerekjáték az online szolgáltatás (30 episodes series for seniors about the PCs and internet services narrative by grandchildren), 2009, producer.

Emberek és egerek. English version: People and Mice, Portraits of Hungarian Information Society Mentors (2008)
Bridges over Digital Divide (eInclusion Year in Hungary), 2008, producer.

Websites (programmer, editor)

  • Infopoly Foundation
  • Holocaust Memorial Year 2014
  • Yellow Star Houses
  • Digital Parents
  • Inforum (Organizational website)
  • hu (Knowledge Base of Digital Inclusion)
  • net (Internet informer of 50+ seniors)
  • Jewish History in Siofok Town
  • Open Source Softwares in International Governments
  • E(x)-Libris (Archive of articles about eBooks)
  • Arany Híradó (Database of Gold)
  • Intergenerations movement in Hungary

Other activities


Ministry of Education, Ministry of Traffic, Communication and Water, Prime Minister Office, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Young and Sport, Comission of Informatics in Prime Minster Office, Hungarian Parliament, Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (MAZSIHISZ),

Strategy analyst

Vodafone Hungary, Bay Zoltán Applied Research Centre


Chairman – Board of Infopoly Foundation

Chairman – Foundation for Jewish youth in Hungary

Board Member – Infonia Foundation


  • Hanukalizator Award with Open Society Archive by “Balint” Jewish Community House
  • eInclusion Award for Inforum by European Commission – 22. June, 2012.
  • For Hungarian Information Society by Minister of Prime Minister Office and Commissioner of Informatics – 19. November, 2009
  • Hungarian Idol Award by Pannon Példakép Foundation – September 2009.
  • Golden Medal, eInclusion Award for Inforum by European Commission – 1. December, 2008.
  • Republic of Hungary Cross of Distinction – by Hungarian Government, 20. Aug. 2007.
  • Honorary Citizen of City of Lincoln, Nebraska, USA – Sept. 2002.
  • Honorary Citizen of The Great State of Nebraska, USA – Sept. 2002.
  • For The Hungarian Informatics- By Hungarian IT Minister – Oct 23. 2002.


(basic  German, Hebrew)

Personal field of interest

Internet, history, Jewish history, literature, playing the piano and guitar, new technologies